Membership - Roles & Rates

Roles & Rates


The following is but a sample of the roles a member may take on a project.

Client Strategic Consultant
Application Architect
Systems Architect
Database Architect

Client-side - Development
Server-side - Development
Migration Specialist
Mobile Developer

Systems Administrator
Database Administrator

Information Architect
User Experience Designer
Interface Designer
Graphic Designer

IT Support Specialist
Technical Project Management
Project Management

Educational Instructor
Training Instructor
Creative Writer

Online Marketing Manager
SEO Marketer

Office Administrative
Office Management
Human Resources

Client Engagement Manager
Account Manager
Business Developer

Pay Rate

Pay rate is contingent on education, professional experience, and accomplishments. Your experience and ability to accomplish one or more roles on a given project. During the evaluation by senior members who will interview you and determine your comprehension for a given role. During your probationary period (typically 90 days) you will be evaluated on your performance of a given roll on projects.

The goal of the evaluation is to determine where in the industry average pay scale you fall. This determines if you are a junior, mid or senior level proficiency in the skills required for the role. The proficiency will determine your hourly pay rate for that role.

Pay rates are based on industry surveys and national salary polls within a given industry. The Mighty Guild evaluates our standard pay rates bi-annually. And this evaluation may affect standard pay rates for members.

Based on which level of proficiency you are evaluated for, you rate will be lower or higher than the average. All members are evaluated in the same rubric scale and provided pay rates based on experience, education, and work performance. 

However, unlike most corporate environments you have an opportunity to improve and advance your level and rank to get a pay rate raise. This is accomplished through improvement of your work performance, peer reviews and mentorship guidance.

Career Counseling
The guild provides mentorship and training programs which you may pay in full or partially to improve your rank and level to accomplish a given roll or skill.

Performance Evaluation
At the end of a project and or every six months (whichever occurs first) you will be peer reviewed by members on a project. Senior members of your team, or key members of the division which you are assigned. Each will be tasked with evaluating your skill level and fitness to fulfill the roles assigned. During that time you may identify steps to improve or advance within your role. Likewise it is also an opportunity to gain new skills and learn new roles.

Fair and Balanced Process
The evaluation process, forms, and career strategy is centrally defined in a peer reviewed process which every member is held to. It is intended to define a fair and consistent framework for professional improvement for one or more rolls and the many skills each of us much learn and maintain to remain a professional in our chosen disciplines.

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