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Membership has it's privileges

Projects are managed on your behalf, collaborate with a dedicated team, receive project priority, and get group-based insurance and training opportunities! 
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Membership within The Mighty Guild provides several advantages over partnership or vendor agreements. In that, you are part of a team of colleagues collaborating on solving client problems.

Members directly contribute to making The Mighty Guild function. Every hour a member works go toward funding the operations, marketing, and sales efforts. Business development is allocated operating budgets gathered from member work. Member services are partly funded by membership hours and directly funded by members (or external clients) paying for services.

Membership means you are eligible for joining The Mighty Guild health, dental, and vision insurance services, business and sales collateral discounts and vendor service discounts. Likewise membership provides opportunities to offer and receive mentorship, career and training counseling and related training classes for career advancement.

Membership Highlights

  • Tier One Bidding Opportunities
  • Assigned to a Team of peers
  • Guild Business Services which include: company email, business cards, time tracking and project management access
  • Sales Packages and client development support
  • Shared company hardware, software, and online services
  • Opportunity to get small business Insurance: Health Insurance, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance
  • Opportunity for Legal and accounting services
  • Vendor Services at Company Rebates
  • Quarterly Profit Share


Compensation is defined as all hours put forth toward a effort for a client in which the client pays for the hours spent. In some cases, budgets for projects are fixed with a maximum set of hours for a given task. You’ll still need to track your time regardless (and do your best to accomplish the task under or at the budget maximum).
Members (65%)
In this context, Members are you, staff who work on client projects, conduct company operations and administration efforts.

Company (15%)
The funds support business services, operations and administration costs, business development and member services. The funds also provide a budget for non-billable hours members provide as equity.

Business Dev (15%)
All Guild members are given the opportunity to gain business development commission by bringing in a new client and closing a contract. The total gross budget for a contract is made up of member billable hours and partner/vendor services profit.
Profit Pool (5%)
A percentage of every hour we work goes into the profit pool. Quarterly members decide on how to spend the profit pool. This may include reinvestment into the company, funding of non-billable projects, or bonus cash disbursements.


Equity are hours which are not paid for by a client. Equity hours are effort members put forth toward the company to assist other members, to network and promote the Guild and our services, or simply time spent toward improvement or the operations of the Guild. Equity also includes business development efforts toward winning clients and signing contracts.

Unbillable time is logged, just like billable time and it forms a equity pool.

The equity pool, becomes a debt the company owes to members. This cost, like any debt is paid for with the company’s income as an expense. The expense is funded in part by the 15% taken from every member’s billable hourly efforts. The equity debt is also paid for directly by the (up to 15%) business development commissions provided upon the signing of a contract.
Equity is separate from the profit pool, because it is a voluntary activity within the Guild. In some cases, members may decide to fund equity payments to members each quarter from the profit pool to equalize internal debt to manage who has spent excessive hours toward the company on non billable endeavors in lieu of paid billable hours.
Equity debt determines a member’s percentages of compensation at the time a profit pool distribution is evaluated. Meaning, while every member will get an equal percentage of the profit pool. A percentage of the pool is reserved for members who have incurred high equity during the quarter which was not paid out through the business dev and company funds. If there is not enough budget from the combined company/business dev funds and a percentage of the profit pool. The member’s equity debt will carry over to the next quarter. However, equity debts reset to zero at the end of each calendar year.

Please note:
The equity pool is only in regards to hours of effort put toward The Guild. A separate form of company equity is based on cash, hardware or resource investment and is summed and counted separate from the equity pool. Investment Equity may count against the profit pool and require repayment or garnishment until repaid to the investor or may be pass on at a loss for tax purposes.

Client Diplomacy

Every Member will consult with clients and every member gets commission
Depending on how long you've worked in the industry you may have or will hear the saying, "We're all sales people". Which implies that your employer expects you not only to accomplish the job you were hired for. But to also work as if you are in the sales department 24/7. Promoting and networking to grow the company brand and or to pass along leads.

The disconnect with this sentiment is if you bring in a contract, sure you mighty get to work on the account, but you can be sure you won't get a sales commission.

Well, at The Mighty Guild we're all diplomats and we get commissions on every contract we bring in. We're not saying you have to do sales or brand promotion, especially if that isn't your role.

We're saying if you do, you get compensated equally like everyone else.
Interested in how you'll earn commission and or interested in the different roles you can hold as a diplomat?

Guild Structure

The Guild leverages online business systems to enable staff to work 100% remote from anywhere.

Multiple divisions work together to support and grow your consulting efforts either on your own or with a group of membership peers, partners and vendors.
Structure Details
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