Robert has the rare talent for both seeing the “big picture” and managing technical details. This helps him provide the team with a clear understanding of the techniques, systems, tools, and effort required to enable success for The Mighty Guild’s clients. He provides strategy and implementation recommendations that support the client’s goals and ensures a sound foundation for the client’s current and long-term goals.

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Steve implements systems and processes for the team so that they can provide the best services and solutions possible to The Mighty Guild clients. In turn, this will enable clients to serve their end customers in a way that creates great experiences, building brands and long term relationships.

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Some of us were at work in digital media or technology even before Al Gore invented the Internet. Some of us grew up without tech and have been invested in it from the beginning. Others grew with it and don’t know anything else. Our Team brings diversity in thinking and approach to your business needs, so you get both the benefit of decades of experience and a variety of perspectives.

Life is full of surprises, some good and some bad. With decades of work experiences under our collective belt, we’re committed to amplifying the good we’ve seen and mitigating the unpleasant. We’re devoted to the success of our team and our clients. We’re committed to create an environment where support and care for our fellows, partners and clients is paramount. We’ve seen the other side, and we don’t want to go there.

Experience has built empathy and humility, while honesty and integrity have come from seeing these values lived out properly and feeling the pain when they are mishandled. Truth-telling is a product of the desire to see real problems solved with real solutions; the no BS approach is always the right one. These values are at the core of who we are.

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Can you imagine a company that actually lives by the axiom that “people are our greatest asset,” where profits are shared, and where you are encouraged and helped to grow?

We have imagined these things; they are being manifested in The Mighty Guild. We’ve all worked our asses off for bosses that didn’t care, companies that would sooner discard us than mentor us, and where only the elite few benefited from the hard work and profits. We believe that The Mighty Guild will end that for us, and if you share our vision and passion and you’re committed to doing great client work, we want to hear from you.